Account Copier Light Version

Account Copier Light Version

Account Copier Light Version Explanation

Usually light version has some limitations.  This version commonly used by beginners, because price is usually10-30%  lower.

First of all you need to compare Standard and Light version and  evaluate how important for you are not available options. Secondly it is important to know whether it is possible to upgrade light version to standard version in the future, because many options may be necessary for you soon.

Account Copier “PowerTradeCopier” Light Version

Options are not available in Light version:
  • Lot scaling options: percent from equity (available: fix lot, multiply by coefficient, percent from balance)
  • Filter
  • Overwrite  stoploss, overwrite takeprofit, overwrite comments
  • Reverse module
  • Hidden StopLoss and takeProfit
  • Spread Control function
  • Copy only limit orders, copy only market orders
  • Maximal number of slave terminals – 6

You can upgrade Light version for standard in future. Learn more about Account Copier “PowerTradeCopier”

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