Trade Copier

Forex Trade Copier

The occasions when this software will be used are:

  • Money managers for simultaneous trades on several accounts. Moreover, these accounts can be opened at several brokers
  • Forex signals providers for sending signals to subscribers through the internet around the world and automated execution of signals on clients’ accounts
  • Brokers for hedging risks
  • Traders for copying signals of winning systems or trade on several accounts

Trade  Copiers should meet two basic requirements:
– minimal copying delay
– handy interface with all necessary settings

Let’s look in more detail at the most significant parameter of Account Copiers – copying delay.

Copying Delay

In my opinion, this parameter is the most significant feature of Trade Copiers as the price of a currency can change several points even with the smallest copying delay of 1 second.
Having tested several script-based Account Copiers, we found out that the average delay between opening an order on a master terminal and a slave terminal is 1 second.
On average the EURUSD price changes by 2 points in a second. If you open 10 orders with a standard lot, your losses may make approximately 2 х 10 х 10 = 200 USD/day.
A delay may be 3-4 seconds when copying through the internet meaning losses may be up to 600-800 USD/day. It is easy to work out how much you might lose if you open 50 orders per day.

Handy Interface

When working with a MT4 script-based Account Copier, a trader has to launch several MT4 terminals.
Although this is acceptable if you manage 5-10 accounts it will be a little inconvenient.
But any more that 10 accounts becomes very uncomfortable. What’s more, several launched terminals will use more RAM and can lead to freezing and therefore to losses.
Another important shortcoming of a script-based Account Copier is that it is very difficult to adjust parameters, and settings can be lost after the terminal has been restarted.

However, the API-based PowerTradeCopier lacks all these shortcomings.

PowerTradeCopier – Trade Copier

Copying Speed

PowerTradeСopier has no copying delay of its own, as it sends signals to broker servers instantly meaning a latency of zero.
There is also no need to open the MT4 terminal and keep it open as the program is self-sufficient.

Main Features:

  • Work with an unlimited number of master and slave accounts. You can create any copying scheme, for example, you can copy trades from master account 1 to all slave accounts. Or you can copy trades from master account 2 only to Alpari Classic. Or you can copy trades from master account 3 only to Varengold.

Copy S/L (Stop Loss) and T/P (Take Profit). You can also rewrite S/L (Stop Loss) and T/P (Take Profit), using your own values.

  • Supports partial close
  • Provides a variety of inputs to change the order size for each slave account
    such as: fixed size, certain multiple, base on free margin,
    base on the balance between master and slave account, etc.

  • Limits the maximum and minimum size of slave order
  • Works with 4-digit and 5-digit quotes automatically
  • Works with different MT4/MetaTrader 4 brokers
  • Works with different quotes symbols (fx_EURUSD, EURUSD_ ,EURUSD., Gold, XAUUSD, etc.). You can forbid copying some symbols and only copy the ones you need.

  • Works with all order types (Instant Execution and Pending Order). For example, you can copy only market orders and forbid copying of pending orders. Or you can copy pending orders only after they’ve been executed

  • Copies trades of Expert Advisors as well as Manual trades
  • A lot of useful filters

If you are a signal provider and don’t know passwords to clients’ accounts, PowerTradeCopier Provider Mode is an ideal solution for you.
Your clients will be able to enter passwords from their side. Copying is carried out through the internet without delay. You can easily add a client’s account or block it (for example, in case of nonpayment).

If you need to copy orders from the MT4 terminal to the “Currenex” platform or another broker that doesn’t have MT4 but provides FIX API protocol, you need to use PowerTradeCopier with FIX API Module.

Our Clients

Forex Money Managers
Over 100 Money Managers are using PowerTradeCopier to significantly simplify their work and reduce losses from copying delays. Statistic: plus average 1.1 pips for each winning trade and minus average 1.4 pips for each losing trade. Monthly savings on VPS capacity: 5 times.
Forex Brokers
About 15 Forex Brokerage companies transfer unwanted trades to other brokers (MT4 or Currenex for example). It is possible to set up a build-in filter and copy orders from certain levels of drawdown.
Forex Signal Providers
Up to 100 Forex Signal Providers increase their profit by selling the trading signals and execute signals for their clients’ platforms without delays. Statistic: plus average 2.1 pips for each winning trade and minus average 2.1 pips for each losing trade.
Forex Traders
200+ Forex Traders copy orders of the professional traders. (It is possible to find account # and investor passwords on a lot of monitoring sites). Statistic: no need to buy a forex robot (save $400 – $1000) or forex signals (save $50-$100/monthly).

Read more about PowerTradeCopier on our website:

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