7 Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier (1st part)

Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier

The PowerTradeCopier duplicates orders between two or more MetaTrader 4 platforms. You do not need to keep running MT4 terminals.  The speed of trade placement and any slippage will only depend entirely on the latency to your broker and the quality of their trade execution.
I would like to introduce 8 useful filters. These filters are built-in to the  PowerTradeCopier.

1st Filter – Price differences filter

account copier filters

This account copier filter will be very useful if you do not want to copy orders immediately. Sometimes traders or brokers wait for when the price will change on the sub account relative to the master account. For example, you would like to be sure that the price will move in the predicted direction. Or, on the other hand you would like to copy an order only after a drawdown on the master account. Sometimes this option earns several pips or more on the sub account.

2d Filter by Comment

This filter copies trades (or does not copy trades) with specific comments only. For example you copy trades from 2 expert advisors. Each EA has placed comments for orders. You can adjust the account copier to copy trades from the first EA and not to copy from the second.
account copier filters

3d Filter by magic #

This filter works the same way as ‘filter by comments’. You can filter or exclude those trades to copy by a magic number.

account copier filters

4th Filter SL & TP

You can copy orders with an adjusted diapason for SL or TP. This filter will be useful if you want to limit the risk in your sub-account. For example you may not want to copy orders with a SL bigger than 100 pips if the TP is smaller than 50 pips. etc.

account copier filters

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