8 Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier (2d part)

5.   Account Copier  Filter by time diapason

You can add trading time intervals and the forex copier will copy trades only if the order is to be opened in the specified intervals. You can provide a list of trading hours during which orders should be copied, e.g. between 8am and 11am and between 1pm and 3pm, etc.

account copier filter by time diapason

6.   Account Copier  Filter by day of the week

This filter allows you to define working days of the week.

account copier filter by day

7. Account Copier Filter by type of order

You can only copy a specified type of order.  For example, you can copy only sell limit orders.

account copier filter by order type

8. Account Copier Filter by lot size

You can copy orders with a specified lot size. You can specify minimum or maximum lot sizes.

account copier filter by lot size

more information: http://multiterminal.net

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