Acount Copier – How to copy Stop Loss

This tab allows you to control copying of StopLoss and TakeProfit

Copy SL and Copy TP – these options allow to specify if you wish to transfer modifications of SL/TP from master to slave account.

Correct low TP level and Correct low SL  level – these options are useful if slave broker has limitations for SL/TP level (Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders N pips or more away from the current price). If slave server rejects modification because of specified SL or TP is out of allowed bounds you will get “SL or TP less than the resolved level” error message in your log and trade will not be modified. If you check these checkboxes, PowerTradeCopier will place Stop Loss and (or) TakeProfit on minimal allowed distance from the current price.

StopLoss and TakeProfit Copying Mode

You can set copying mode for StopLoss and TakeProfit
“A”: absolute mode. StopLoss and TakeProfit values will be copied from master side as is.
“P”: pips mode. StopLoss and TakeProfit values will be adjusted. Absolute values transforms to pips, then  pips applied to calculate new StopLoss and TakeProfit on slave side.

Hidden – in this mode StopLoss and TakeProfit will be hidden from broker (will not be copied to slave). The values of StopLoss and TakeProfit profit stored in the memory and software will observer the price on slave; when proper level of SL/TP will be reached, order will be automatically closed by software.

OverwriteSL and OverwriteTP – these options allow you to overwrite copying size of StopLoss or(and) TakeProfit (new values should be specified in NewStopLoss and NewtakeProfit fields)

move SL and move TP – these are functions that allow you to move StopLoss for a certain amount below the level of StopLoss the master account (the same is for TakeProfit).

Example 1:
Type    OpenPrice    TakeProfit    StopLoss    Calculation formula
Master account    BUY    1.4    1.405    1.395
Slave account    BUY    1.4    1.405    1.394    1.3950-10pips

Example 2:
Type    OpenPrice    TakeProfit    StopLoss    Calculation formula
Master account    SELL    1.4    1.395    1.405
Slave account    SELL    1.4    1.395    1.406    1.4050+10pips
(as for “SELL” trade StopLoss level is higher then OpenPrice, so in this case value of “move SL” is added to StopLoss level of Master but not subtracted from it)

This function is useful when the master and slave accounts are on different brokers. When slave account broker provides greater spread (or a different currency pairs has different spreads). So it may happen that the master account has not yet reached StopLoss, while on the slave it may be reached which may lead to different results on slave and master.

SL nul copy and TP nul copy – these settings relate to “move SL” and “move TP” functionality. If these checkboxes are checked then slave will get “Move SL” and “Move TP” levels even in case if SL and TP level on the master is zero.

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