Why mt4 copier “PowerTradeCopier has no Latency

Mt4 copier PoweTradeCopier has no latency, because it sends orders directly from client’s computer or VPS (virtual privat server) to brokerage company.

How mt4 copier PowerTradeCopier (Provider mode) works

PowerTradeCopier sends user’s settings to our server in fully automated mode,  and then user loads settings from settings to their computers in fully automated mode. But all orders will be send from clients accounts directly to the broker. For this reason delay depends only from the broker execution time.  Money manager or Forex signal provider can add delete, block or unblock any subscriber (client) remotely, but this operations do not require fast execution. Most important parameter for any MT4 Copier is latency. And we have solved this problem using direct orders sending from user to server.

Learn more about PowerTradeCopier: http://multiterminal.net

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