Brokers with pending orders minimum distance limitation.

A lot of MT4 brokers have limitation for distance between price and order level. If you try to place pending order or order with SL and TP and disctance between pending order and price will be smaller then allowed level, broker will reject your order. Same situation will happen if you use trade copier for copy orders with short SL or TP, and one or several slave accounts have this limitation.

“SL or TP less than the resolved level” error.

How to avoid this error if you use our trade copier – PowerTradeCopier.
There are two settings “Correct SL” and “Correct_TP” in “Stops” tab which allow to set minimal (maximal) possible SL (TP) on lave in case when source SL (TP) on master side is out of bounds that are acceptable for slave side.

Power Trade Copier SL and TP corrections

In this case trade copier will move pending order on allowed level. This feature will help you to avoid brokers limitations and prevent a lot of errors.

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8 thoughts on “Brokers with pending orders minimum distance limitation.

  1. As a newbie,i am not sure on how to use such features but thanks to the admin for posting such wonderful tutorials and helping us in understanding the features.
    I am not sure on how to use this feature on forex account copier or whether or not it can be used on this filter or not?

    • You should use this filter only if your broker not allowed limit orders closer to price. For example some “ECN” brokers not allow limit orders closer then 10 pips.

  2. Well this is a good feature. Without so many errors, I’ll be able to get on with trading and not have to worry about it. Thanks for this feature and I hope that things continue to improve at Account Copier.

  3. This seems like a good way to keep profits up and any possible losses down. I really like reading these articles and I wish all of you the best of luck with coming out with new and exciting benefits for us!

  4. Great.It certainly helped me on avoiding brokers limitation and preventing a lot of errors.I am surprised to find out such features in forex account copier and I am sure there will be a lot more features like this in the software.Hopefully in future posts we will get to see many more hidden features.

  5. Before reading this post,I was getting a lot of errors and was really frustrated on what to do.I am so glad to find this article,thanks a ton for posting this.Its over 2 months now since i started using account copier and so far i have been very satisfied with its result.Now,we have find the way to avoid broker limitations,it will be interesting to see how it benefits me.

  6. I have recently bought PowerTradeCopier and was facing problem on this issue.Nice to see such issues have been already shared on the blog,it saves a lot of time for the newbie like us.Apart from this the result have been satisfactory and i am very happy with this account copier.

  7. How i missed these settings.I was completely unaware of such settings and was facing problem with the “SL or TP less than the resolved level” error.Thank you for sharing this post,the error is gone now and i am back to profit making mode.Truly the best forex account copier.

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