PowerTradeCopier version

PowerTradeCopier version what’s new

1. Professional installer with Install/Update features

PowerTradeCopier Installer

2. Fixed issue with partial closure for some combination of lot scaling
3. Improved the reliability of copying od high franqency strategies with STP add-on (latency =0 ). Test: 100 orders per sec – Passed
4. PTC account copier is fully compatible with the requirements of Metaquotes

Will be added in version ( 16 Aug, 2013)

1. Equty control for slave accounts.

2. Balance control for slave accounts

Many investors have set the allowable drawdown for the account. This account copier feature will help you to control the drawdown of such accounts.

3. Spliting orders with large volume on several orders

In order to prevent an increase in delays up with a large volume of orders, this option will help you to split large order on several orders. For example if you want to send 10 lots, copier can open 10 orders by 1 lot.

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