PowerTradeCopier version 41 what’s new

PowerTradeCopier version 41 what’s new

We have added two new usefull features to account copier: equity control and ordes devision

account copier margin control

Equity control

This account copier option allow you to close all trades and block slave account, if equity becomes equal to or higher than a predetermined value. If you want to activate this option, you should select “Margin control” , “Equity” and select balance and risk.

Often investor allows for a certain level of  losses below which it would not want to fall. For example drawdown 30%. You can adjust account copier to control it for you.

Orders Devision

If you are trading with a large lot size, for example 10 lots, the broker may intend to increase the execution time. For this reason we have added “orders devision” option to account copier. This option allows you to split order on several smaller orders. For example Lot = 10 on 10 orders by 1 lot.

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