What is the trade copier and what it’s for?

We did a newsletter with a proposal to test our trade copiers and got a lot of questions, what is the trade copier and what it’s for. Trade copier may be useful to you in a few cases.

  1. You are forex accounts manager.  You can trade (manually or with forex robot) on one account and copy trades to several accounts. Your accounts can be with different brokers and have different size. You can invite several traders, they will trade on several master accounts and you can copy their trades to one or several slave accounts.
  2. You are forex signals provider. You can execute trades in fully-automated mode on clients’ accounts.
  3. You are forex trader and you have several accounts, you can trade on one account and copy trades to several accounts.
  4. You are investor and trader manages your account, you can copy trades from one your account to another your account.
  5. You’ve bought expert advisor, protected by account #, you can copy trades to another accounts.
  6. You know login (account number) and investor password (read only password) for successful strategy, you can copy trades on your account. Trader will do not know about this. You can overwrite comments.
  7. You can share the cost of an expert advisor with your friend. Install the robot on one terminal (MT4 or MT5) and copy trades to 2 or 3 accounts or as many as you want.
  8. You can try to reverse losing strategy. Have you ever thought about reversing the signals and turning bad strategy into a good one? It is difficult but possible.
  9. Use Copier to boost performance of your strategy by changing the strategy parameters without changing the strategy:
  • Overwrite Stop Loss and/or Take Profit
  •  Move Stop Loss and/or Take Profit
  • Hide S/L or T/P from your broker
  • Overwrite comments
  • Copy trade from a little drawdown
  • Copy only selected symbols
  • Copy trades with specific magic # or comment only
  • Copy during specified time frame

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Mt4 to JForex

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If you want to start trading on Forex you’d find there is just so much information to juggle. To become a successful Forex trader you never stop learning.  If you want to make profitable gains you must learn, practice and test your skills.  Once you have mastered a particular skill and strategy, you should pick another one and experiment it.  This will give you more knowledge to be able to take advantage of the markets regardless of how they are performing. One of the things you can learn is how you can use Forex signal copy.

Forex Signals Copy

Forex signals can be described as currency prices that can used to detect money making entry and exit. These signals are crucial if you want to be successful in trading.  Traders who experience constant wins have spent a lot of time practicing technical analysis skills which include candlestick charts, bar, relative strength indicators, waves and retracement levels, momentum indicators and moving averages. In addition they had to master price charts and fundamental analysis.  All the above mentioned technical skills and basic analysis skills can be used by traders to identify profitable entry and exit points.

Copying signals is a convenient way being profitable in trades without having to spend too much time learning.  The signal copier works by using MT4 signal copy.  With this, inexperienced or novice traders can copy the trades of professional traders; and thus reducing risks. Experienced traders can also use the copier to follow the actions of their favorite traders.

How Does Forex Signals Copy Work?

Before you start with Forex signals copy there are basic things you should understand.  You should understand currency pairs and trading strategies.  Basic understand of currencies and strategies will help you understand different signals boards/page easily.  The signals page displays information that shows you how pairs of currencies are performing and when it is time to act (sell or buy).  Typically, you can trade in a simple click of a button.

In most cases it takes the following three simple steps to copy signals:

Step #1-Monitor what is happening on the signal page.

Step #2-Copy data to your personal trading account.

Step #3- Lastly, the trade will close and you will profit.

Remember that it all depends on the MT4 signal copy software you use.  Some can be a bit complicated.  Even with signal copiers, Forex remains a volatile market.


In the world of forex online trading, it is not unusual for people to use trade copying to mimic the results of some professional traders. However, there is another way which is generally faster than copying every single trade a pro makes: account copying. With an account copier, an amateur user can copy an entire account of a professional, not just a trade. Some professionals seek to make an even greater profit by selling the signals of their accounts and trades to others, but waiting for each trade and each signal to appear in order to sell can be very time consuming. Because of this problem, a trader, especially if they are on MetaTrader4, can reap many benefits by using a MT4 copier.

Time-Saving and Flexible

Not everyone can stay up 24 hours, seven days a week, to ensure they don’t miss a trading signal. Even if they spend all day watching for signals of certain trades, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. This is where a copier comes in. It monitors the signals of specific accounts that you have chosen and copies those trades so you don’t have to wait on them, saving you stress and time. In addition, a trader is not stuck copying the trades of only one account but can copy multiple accounts all at once, provided there is enough equity for it. This capability generates flexibility for the user because they don’t have to stick with one specific strategy nor are they tied to their computers all day.


If you have a greater equity than the signal provider, an account copier allows you to multiply the amount of the lot purchased. If your multiplier is 10, then you will buy 10 times more than the account you are copying. Conversely, if you have less than the signal provider, you can adjust the multiplier down to buy only a fraction of what the professional account is buying. All you have to do is setup the MT4 copier to do it and it will run on its own, making decisions and trades for you while you are sleeping.

If you’re thinking of getting into forex trading, or you’re already involved, but don’t want to wait around to copy every single trade a professional account makes, then you should seriously consider account copying. However, even with all of these great options and the ability to diversify, this method is no guarantee you will make money or have a profit.


Ever wanted to start trading in foreign exchange, otherwise known as forex trading, but don’t know how? Do you wonder how the more successful traders make so much on their trades? Don’t worry anymore. Now, there’s an easy way to get started and mimic the professionals with forex copy trading.

What exactly does forex trading entail?

Foreign exchange trading is simply swapping one currency, like the US Dollar, for another one, like the Euro. There’s quite a bit of terminology involved, but if you chose to use your money to invest the Euro against the US Dollar, you would make money if the Euro’s value increased against the US Dollar’s value. If you chose to invest in the US Dollar rather than the Euro, you would make a profit if the US Dollar’s value increased against the Euro’s value. There are several platforms that can help with forex trading, but the most well-known is MetaTrader4 or MT4 for short. MT4 allows you to see various exchange prices, gives you charts, shows you the live trades of professionals and amateurs, and lets you manage your forex trading account.

Do It Like The Pros

Once you are accustomed to the trading platforms, you will probably wonder how you should be making trades. If you’re not a very adventurous investor or you lack time to really do research on foreign exchange history, you can start by copy trading. Copy trading means that you literally copy a specific trading strategy or trader based on the exchanges made. With this method, there is almost no input needed by the trader other than selecting which traders and strategies to follow. This is why some experienced traders choose this method as an additional source of trading because it doesn’t require much intervention on their part. Once specific strategies or traders to follow are selected, the trading platforms will do everything for you.

Thankfully, most of the platforms allow you to follow multiple strategies and traders, which means you can diversify your investments, so if one particular exchangehas a negative return, you won’t lose all your money and you have plenty of other trades to make a profit. Trade copiers have grown in the past few years from a select few to a massive number of individuals, which means even more diversification in their portfolios. However, remember that many trade copiers can lose money on trades, and following certain strategies or traders does not guarantee a profit for you.


A trade copier is basically used to copy trades of other successful traders. It is a software package that is believed to make trading simple and easier. This software is custom made to fulfill the needs of an individual trader and serve as Expert Advisor (EA); and can be used on a  MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. There are many copy software on the market; however, they differ in terms of features and functionality. Just like any other product, the price determines what you get. If you don’t want to paythe high price ensure that you find a tried and tested program.

There are three things a copy trader will allow you to do and here they are:

View the Activities of Other Traders

The trade copier ea help you to see what other professional traders are doing in the market. This is particularly important for novice traders. You will be able to watch the movements in the market and be able to make the necessary movements. From these activities you can expand or build your trading portfolio based on the market performances you witness.

Follow the Leading Traders

The trade copier ea allows you to analyze trading history, trading styles, win ratios and charts. You will be able to watch all the moves expert traders make, you will know which currencies they are trading and when. Through this program you will be able to use the experiences of others to determine what could work best for you. If you find a trader you prefer, you can follow that trader and let him/her make future investments for you.

Copy the Trading Strategies and Activities of Others

After you selected the successful traders you want to follow, you can monitor them as they trade. As you monitor them you may find a strategy you like that you can copy and use it to profit. The trade copier also gives you an opportunity to invest in your favorite leading traders and profit from them, while you make profits from your individual trades.
The MT4 trade copier was never meant for novice traders only. Advanced traders can use it to expand their knowledge. It can also be a safe way to see if other trading styles are profitable. In a nutshell the MT4 trade copier can teach you how to trade like a professional, automate your trades and relieve the emotional stress that is often associated with trading.

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The Forex trade copier allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of other traders.   To use the trade copier Forex you have to sign up for a membership which will cost a certain amount of dollars per month.

How does it Work?

The advantages of using a trade copier are that you won’t have to learn all those complicated trading strategies, systems and methods; you will not have to go through the psychological element of trading which has a great impact on the result and you won’t have to stick your eyes on the computer the whole day monitoring your trades.
Forex account managers use copiers to copy trades from the master MT4 account to slave accounts.  The Forex trader would then focus only on the master account while the copier software program handles the slave accounts. The software copy trades and executes trade actions automatically. Your MetaTrade 4 account should have options for money management, settings for maximum trades andautomatic detection or manual setting of currency pair suffix.  An advanced MT4 would send email alerts, filter trades and have push notifications features.

What Do I need to start?

To start with Forex trade copier you need a demo or live account.  You can open this account with any broker of your choice.  The Forex copy trade usually involves the following pairs of currencies: usd/jpy, eur/usd, usd/chf, gbp/usd, eur/jpy andusd/cad.

The Risks Involved

Understand that the trade copier Forex does not guarantee that you will win.  This simply provides an easy and faster way to profit.  You must still expect to win some trades and lose some.
There are many scammers in the market posing as profitable trade copiers, you really must be careful. It is advisable to select a program that is well-known and widely used by traders.   There are three kinds of trade copier companies:  the negligent, predators and legitimate.  The negligent companies lack intelligence and diligence to create profitable programs and have expert advisors with immeasurable risks.
The predators deliberately create fraudulent programs and aim to cash out of unsuspecting and inexperienced traders. Legitimate companies have legitimate algorithms that cannot be easily manipulated. Their systems have proper reward ratios and risks.

Finding a good copier lies in your hands.  Do some research online and find both positive and negative reviews. Remember that trading is very risky. The key is to invest the amount of money you are willing to lose, because winning is not definite.

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The Forex brokers use different sources of the price feed to put into trading platform. This creates a situation when quotes on the Master Account and Slave Account showing different prices. For Example:

mt4 price feed difference

This price feeds difference  will affect your copying.  To avoid copying errors you need to increase Slippage in PowerTradeCopier settings. The Slippage should be big enough to cover the price difference.

account copier slippage

In the example above it is enough to keep slippage at 10 but every situation is different. We recommend you to use PowerTradeCopier on demo first to make sure that your settings fit your situation.

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