PowerTradeCopier STP Mode – time machine

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PowerTradeCopier STP Mode

MT4 copier “PowerTradeCopier” with STP module allows you to copy orders without any delay. STP module catches orders before they will be sended to master- broker and sends orders to slave-brokers. For this reason order can be opened on slave account earlier than on master account. Your delay doesn’t depend from mt4 copier. Delay depends only from the broker’s execution time. I do not know any other mt4 copier which will copy orders without delay. And quite incredible that any other copier could open order on slave account earlier than on master. STP module is  BJF Trading Group know how.
We have tested mt4 copier on several different accounrs and we have coded expert advisor for testing purposes. (no strategy, just open and close orders)

If you will test PowerTradeCopier with STP and then compare accounts, you will find orders that were open on slave account earlier then on master account! Do not believe me, see for yourself. This fully confirms that the mt4 copier “PowerTradeCopier” with STP module has no delay.

Who need STP Module

If you use scalping expert advisors, or expert advisors with short take profits, this module for you. You will be able to copy orders from your accounts to your clients accounts without delay and as rule save money for your clients.

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Why mt4 copier “PowerTradeCopier has no Latency

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Mt4 copier PoweTradeCopier has no latency, because it sends orders directly from client’s computer or VPS (virtual privat server) to brokerage company.

How mt4 copier PowerTradeCopier (Provider mode) works

PowerTradeCopier sends user’s settings to our server in fully automated mode,  and then user loads settings from settings to their computers in fully automated mode. But all orders will be send from clients accounts directly to the broker. For this reason delay depends only from the broker execution time.  Money manager or Forex signal provider can add delete, block or unblock any subscriber (client) remotely, but this operations do not require fast execution. Most important parameter for any MT4 Copier is latency. And we have solved this problem using direct orders sending from user to server.

Learn more about PowerTradeCopier:


Copier Copying Tab

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On this tab you can adjust several very important parameters.

PowerTradeCopier - copying tab
Slippage – this is difference between the price a trader expects to be filled at, and the price they are actually filled at.

Copy with slave price – this option allows copying the order to slave at slave’s price no matter how far it is from master’s price (slippage will be ignored).

RepeatCount – this is the number of retries that software will do if order copying will fail by any reason except slippage error (for example if you will get “trade context is busy” on slave while trying to copy the order).

TimeOut repeat – this is the time (in minutes) during which the program will try to copy the order (on price change) on slippage error. After this time the log message will be written that it was impossible to copy the order for slippage.

Correct expiration date – this is the value (in minutes) that will be added to the pending orders expiry time on slave. You should increase it’s value if the pending orders are not accepted on slave by “Time error”. This error happens when you set “Expiry” time for pending order on master account when this time has already passed on slave account because of difference in time on different servers.

Closure attempts quantity – this is the number of times PowerTradeCopier will re-try to close the order on slave account if the first attempt failed for any reason.

OwerwriteComment – by means of this option you can delete or overwrite comments or write new comments (in NewComment field).

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Add spread and Margin control Account Copier Features

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Account Copier Feature: Add spread

This feature will be very useful if you copy forex scalping strategy or strategy with short sl or tp.

– this feature adds a multiple of the spread to the entry and or exit. In short when the master opens the order (BUY, SELL), on the slave a pending order should be opened (BUY LIMIT, SELL LIMIT) with execute price of the original order + (-) “Add Spread” value.

In NORMAL (non-reverse) MODE the “Add Spread” will always be deducted from the order’s BUY price and added to the order’s SELL price.

Example 1: If order was opened on master account BUY at 1.3852 and “Add Spread” = 2, then on slave account BUY LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3850
Example 2: If order was opened on master account SELL at 1.3855 and “Add Spread” = 5, then on slave account SELL LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3860

In REVERSE MODE function should also work together with “Reverse” mode. In this mode, BUY LIMIT order will always be below the market price and SELL LIMIT order will be above the market price.

Example 3: If order was opened on master account SELL at 1.3910 and “Add Spread” = 4 , then on slave account BUY LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3906
Example 4: If order was opened on master account BUY at 1.3920 and “Add Spread” = 4 , then on slave account SELL LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3924

If “Add Spread” = 0, then the function will continue to open the LIMIT order at exactly the same price as the original master order

Example 5: If order was opened on master account SELL at 1.3910 and “Add Spread” = 0 , then on slave account BUY LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3910
Example 6: If order was opened on master account BUY at 1.3920 and “Add Spread” = 0 , then on slave account SELL LIMIT order will be opened at 1.3920

Account Copier Feature: Margin control

Margin control – allows to close all active orders on slave account and not copy new ones when this slave account’s balance reaches specific value. If it is active (checked), user can specify the in two edit boxes: Risk percent and Balance start.

Risk percent = 25
Balance start = 20000.00

Above means that we are willing to take risks 25% from $20000.00 which is $20000.00-$5000.00 = $15000.00

Therefore if the account balance will reach the level $15000.00 then margin control function should work and it should
1) close all currently active trades on this slave account
2) block copying any new trades to this account

Click here to find more information about PowerTradeCopier


Acount Copier – How to copy Stop Loss

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This tab allows you to control copying of StopLoss and TakeProfit

Copy SL and Copy TP – these options allow to specify if you wish to transfer modifications of SL/TP from master to slave account.

Correct low TP level and Correct low SL  level – these options are useful if slave broker has limitations for SL/TP level (Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders N pips or more away from the current price). If slave server rejects modification because of specified SL or TP is out of allowed bounds you will get “SL or TP less than the resolved level” error message in your log and trade will not be modified. If you check these checkboxes, PowerTradeCopier will place Stop Loss and (or) TakeProfit on minimal allowed distance from the current price.

StopLoss and TakeProfit Copying Mode

You can set copying mode for StopLoss and TakeProfit
“A”: absolute mode. StopLoss and TakeProfit values will be copied from master side as is.
“P”: pips mode. StopLoss and TakeProfit values will be adjusted. Absolute values transforms to pips, then  pips applied to calculate new StopLoss and TakeProfit on slave side.

Hidden – in this mode StopLoss and TakeProfit will be hidden from broker (will not be copied to slave). The values of StopLoss and TakeProfit profit stored in the memory and software will observer the price on slave; when proper level of SL/TP will be reached, order will be automatically closed by software.

OverwriteSL and OverwriteTP – these options allow you to overwrite copying size of StopLoss or(and) TakeProfit (new values should be specified in NewStopLoss and NewtakeProfit fields)

move SL and move TP – these are functions that allow you to move StopLoss for a certain amount below the level of StopLoss the master account (the same is for TakeProfit).

Example 1:
Type    OpenPrice    TakeProfit    StopLoss    Calculation formula
Master account    BUY    1.4    1.405    1.395
Slave account    BUY    1.4    1.405    1.394    1.3950-10pips

Example 2:
Type    OpenPrice    TakeProfit    StopLoss    Calculation formula
Master account    SELL    1.4    1.395    1.405
Slave account    SELL    1.4    1.395    1.406    1.4050+10pips
(as for “SELL” trade StopLoss level is higher then OpenPrice, so in this case value of “move SL” is added to StopLoss level of Master but not subtracted from it)

This function is useful when the master and slave accounts are on different brokers. When slave account broker provides greater spread (or a different currency pairs has different spreads). So it may happen that the master account has not yet reached StopLoss, while on the slave it may be reached which may lead to different results on slave and master.

SL nul copy and TP nul copy – these settings relate to “move SL” and “move TP” functionality. If these checkboxes are checked then slave will get “Move SL” and “Move TP” levels even in case if SL and TP level on the master is zero.


Account Copier Money Management Options

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PowerTradeCopier is account copier with  a lot of user defined money management (percent by account balance, percent by equty, etc.) You can adjust lot scaling options on “transformation”tab

.account copier transformation tab

On this tab you may specify lot scaling options i.e. the way of lot size calculation for slave side.

You can use several lot calculation modes for PowerTradeCopier.

Ratio (MS) mode

You can use this option if you would like to copy trades with constant coefficient.  Slave lot calculated as master lot multiplied by Ratio(MS) coefficient.
Slave Lot Size = Master Lot Size * Ratio(MS)
ratio MS account copier mode

Ratio(MS) = 2

Master Lot Size = 1       Slave Lot Size = 1 x 2= 2
Master Lot Size = 1.1    Slave Lot Size = 1.1 x 2= 2.2

Fixed mode

Lot size on slave doesn’t depend from lot size on master account and equal to parameter “Fixed”.
Slave Lot Size = Fixed

account copier fixed mode

Fixed = 0.25

Master Lot Size = 1        Slave Lot Size = 0.25
Master Lot Size = 1.1     Slave Lot Size  = 0.25

Balance(1) mode

This mode allows you to control percent of the capital, which you are ready to risk for each slave account.

Slave Lot Size calculated as:
Slave Lot Account Balance/Basis * Percent

Basis – depends from leverage and account type (standard, mini, micro etc.)
Percent – percent of the capital (balance), which you are ready to risk for each slave

account copier balance mode

SlaveBalance: 300000.00
SlaveBasis: 1000.0
BalancePercent: 0.50

SlaveLotSize = SlaveBalance/SlaveBasis * BalancePercent/100 = 300000.00/1000.0 * 0.50/100 = 1.50

RiskPcntEquity mode

This mode allows you to risk the same percent of capital both on slave and master terminals.

Lot calculation is available in two scenarios in this mode:

Scenario 1
SlaveLotSize = RiskPcntEquity / ( (MasterOpenPricePips – MasterStopLossPips) / Basis)

Scenario 2
SlaveBalance * MasterLotSize / MasterBalance * Ratio

In this mode it is necessary to check if SL and TP were placed. And select one of specified scenarios.

There are four possible options:

1) Master StopLoss and Master TakeProfit are not placed (Scenario 2)
2) Master StopLoss is placed, and Master TakeProfit is not placed (Scenario 1, because Take Profit can be placed later and doesn’t affect lot size or risk)
3) Master StopLoss is not placed and Master TakeProfit is placed (Scenario 2, because Take Profit doesn’t affect lot size or risk)
4) Master StopLoss and Master TakeProfit are placed (Scenario 1)

account copier equity mode 1

Example 1 (Scenario 1, when MasterStopLoss is set):
RiskPcntEquity: 5.00
Basis: 50.00
MasterOpenPrice: 1.34280
MasterStopLoss: 1.34230

SlaveLotSize = RiskPcntEquity / ( (MasterOpenPricePips – MasterStopLossPips) / Basis) = 5.00 / ( (134280 – 134230) / 50.00) = 5.00 lots

account copier equity 2 mode

Example 2 (Scenario 2, when MasterStopLoss is not set):
Ratio: 4.00000
MasterLotSize: 0.50
MasterBalance: 5010.00
SlaveBalance: 3000.00

SlaveLotSize = SlaveBalance * MasterLotSize / MasterBalance * Ratio = 3000.00 * 0.50 / 5010.00 * 4.00000 = 1500.00000 / 5010.00 = 1.19760 = aprox. 1.20


Mode is currently unavailable

LotRatio (MRT)

Mode is currently unavailable

Balance(2) mode
In this mode you may calculate slave lot size according to slave account balance and desired maximal risk.
Slave Lot Size calculated as:
Master Lot Size * (Slave Balance / Master Balance) * Ratio (risk)

MasterLotSize = 1.50
MasterBalance = 30000.00
SlaveBalance = 60000.00
Ratio (risk) = 4.00

SlaveLotSize = MasterLotSize * (SlaveBalance/MasterBalance) * Ratio (risk) = 1.50 * (60000.00/30000.00) * 4.00 = 1.50 * 2.00 * 4.00 = 12.00

MinLot and MaxLot – You can set minimal and maximal size of lot calculated on slave account.


8 Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier (2d part)

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5.   Account Copier  Filter by time diapason

You can add trading time intervals and the forex copier will copy trades only if the order is to be opened in the specified intervals. You can provide a list of trading hours during which orders should be copied, e.g. between 8am and 11am and between 1pm and 3pm, etc.

account copier filter by time diapason

6.   Account Copier  Filter by day of the week

This filter allows you to define working days of the week.

account copier filter by day

7. Account Copier Filter by type of order

You can only copy a specified type of order.  For example, you can copy only sell limit orders.

account copier filter by order type

8. Account Copier Filter by lot size

You can copy orders with a specified lot size. You can specify minimum or maximum lot sizes.

account copier filter by lot size

more information:


7 Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier (1st part)

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Useful Filters for Forex Account Copier

The PowerTradeCopier duplicates orders between two or more MetaTrader 4 platforms. You do not need to keep running MT4 terminals.  The speed of trade placement and any slippage will only depend entirely on the latency to your broker and the quality of their trade execution.
I would like to introduce 8 useful filters. These filters are built-in to the  PowerTradeCopier.

1st Filter – Price differences filter

account copier filters

This account copier filter will be very useful if you do not want to copy orders immediately. Sometimes traders or brokers wait for when the price will change on the sub account relative to the master account. For example, you would like to be sure that the price will move in the predicted direction. Or, on the other hand you would like to copy an order only after a drawdown on the master account. Sometimes this option earns several pips or more on the sub account.

2d Filter by Comment

This filter copies trades (or does not copy trades) with specific comments only. For example you copy trades from 2 expert advisors. Each EA has placed comments for orders. You can adjust the account copier to copy trades from the first EA and not to copy from the second.
account copier filters

3d Filter by magic #

This filter works the same way as ‘filter by comments’. You can filter or exclude those trades to copy by a magic number.

account copier filters

4th Filter SL & TP

You can copy orders with an adjusted diapason for SL or TP. This filter will be useful if you want to limit the risk in your sub-account. For example you may not want to copy orders with a SL bigger than 100 pips if the TP is smaller than 50 pips. etc.

account copier filters (PowerTradeCoier)


How to copy orders from scalping EA

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Most scalping systems use a small distance between price and SL and (or) price and TP. But a lot of brokerage companies have limitations.

For example:

  • Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders 10 pips or more away from the current price
  • Most of the trades must be open for more than 1 minute

Some brokers have limitations: Take Profit and Pending Orders 5 pips or more away from the current price. For this reason if you copy trades from scalping system and your system uses small  SL or TP, sub-accounts with limitations can reject your orders. How to avoid this limitation. We have addedtwo options to our “PowerTradeCopier” Mt4 account copier

Correct SL and Correct_TP settings in “Stops” tab allow to set minimal (maximal) possible SL (TP) on slave in case when source SL (TP) on master side is out of acceptable bounds for slave side.

These settings help you to copy all orders from master terminal to slave terminals and avoid limitations. You can find more information about PowerTradeCopier on our website:


PowerTradeCopier copying frequency test

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Learn more:

For this test we have opened two demo accounts:
1.    Alpari US standard account, instant execution, 5 digits
2.    FinFX standard ECN account, market execution, 5 digits
We also have coded high-frequency expert advisor. Our task test PowerTradeCopier in extreme conditions: high-frequency copying market and pending orders from instant execution to market execution.  Alpari US with datacenter in USA, FinFX in Finland. We will test copier in two modes: “copier mode” (trader knows passwords for sub-accounts and copier installed only on one PC in Canada) and “provider mode” (trader doesn’t know passwords for sub-accounts and PowerTradeCopier installed on two computers: 1st master part in Canada, 2d slave part in Ukraine).
We would like to check execution time, errors and compare orders on master and slave for both modes. We have compared two statements.

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