PowerTradeCopier – new protocol

PowerTradeCopier software

New version of software is able to connect and trade on all Metatrader 4 servers (both new an old ones) without errors.

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  • Fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 build 409 – 419;
  • Provider Mode allows you to copy all trades from master account(s) to any number of slave account(s) over the internet;
  • Different types of money management settings;
  • Clients can be located at any location worldwide and receive trades over the internet without delay;
  • Trades can be copied from any Metatrader 4 account including investor password accounts;
  • Master and slave accounts can have different account balance;
  • Detect currency name suffix automatically;
  • Reverse Trades technology will help you turn your loosing trading system or EA into a winne;
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Multiplier technology;
  • You can choose which currency pairs you want to trade and those you want to ignore;
  • You can copy pending orders as they are or only when they gets triggered on master account;
  • All trades are copied without latency;
  • Copier is very fast because based on API;
  • Can copy trades between different Forex brokers;
  • Compatible with all Forex brokers including ECN, DD, 4 and 5 digit brokers;
  • Does not require to run and keep running MT4 terminals;
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions;
  • Works just as well on VPS as it does on any computer.