9 Replies to “PowerTradeCopier STP Mode – time machine”

  1. I agree with the author,i tried it out and indeed to my surprise the orders in slave account got opened more quickly then the master account.Powertradecopier really saves a lots of time.But i didnt understand,will there be any problem if slave account gets to know the order before the master account?

  2. Wow! Absolutely zero delay time! I think a lot of people could use this STP mode to their advantage. It seems like as time goes on, this software gets better and better. Way to go MT4!

  3. I’m an expert advisor with my trading company, and this little trick will come in very handy. I’ll be able to save my customers a lot in their trading accounts! Is there any way to improve upon a zero delay time? Anything else you can add to this to make it even better?

  4. This is just amazing.Probably the best account copier software available in the market right now.I have personally tested it out and it worked like a charm.Nice to know that the upgrades are free of cost,looking forward for many new features.

  5. I do believe in short take profit and i am very much impressed with this module.The only thing which concern me is the happiness of my clients and i can proudly say that my clients are happy mainly because i have been saving their money using this module.Thanks to the mt4 account copier for helping me out.

  6. I tested out the PowerTradeCopier with STP and to my surprise the result was exactly as posted in the article.Orders were opened much in advance then on the master account.I am very much impressed with this mt4 account copier and gonna stick with it for a long long time.

  7. Amazing mt4 account copier.One of my best friend recommended about the PowerTradeCopier so I went ahead and tried it out.The result was just amazing.Particularly impressed with the STP Module was spell bound with the zero latency.Special thanks to my friend for recommending it and saving my money.

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