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  1. Thanks a lot for posting it.But i want to know how to notice such activities to gain extra pips,is there any indication in the software to show such activities?
    As a brokar,will it be less risky with account copier?

  2. An extra 2 pips! This is an easy strategy to use and I’m glad the site mentioned it. Hedging risks seems like a good idea too. Is there any specific brokerage company that you can recommend to us?

  3. Any smart ways you can find to maximize pips seems like a good idea. Over the course of many trades, the pips will add up. Learning more about the filters allows me to maximize my trades. Thanks!

  4. I followed each and every step mentioned in the above article and to my surprise i really gained the extra 2 pips.I must confess,this has to be one of the best mt4 account copier.making a lot of money by following the tips mentioned here.

  5. I have been using this forex account copier from a long time now and truly this is the best.I want to know whether there is any alternative to copy trades,if i don’t know the account # or if i forgot the investor password?

  6. Gaining extra pips is not a bad idea.I am always in look for maximising the pips and make extra money.WIll surely try this tips and gain the pips.PowerTradeCopier have been one my favorite mt4 account copier and have helped me in gaining a lots of pips over the year.

  7. Earning the pips is not at all easy so its not a bad thing if you can get a extra 2 pips.I am an experienced forex trader and have been using PowerTradecopier for last 2 years now and i must confess that its one of the best forex account copier right now.I was not aware of this tip,will surely try it now.Thanks for sharing it.

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