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  1. I was not aware of this feature in poertradecopier. Will surely,use the account copier filter now and see the changes.
    Can i readjust the pips according to my needs in real time or i need to wait for process to be completed in order to change it once again?

  2. That’s pretty smart that the filter can differentiate between whether or not it’s a good time to make the trade. Using filters is something I haven’t really got the hang of yet, but I will as I get better with this copier. Thanks a lot for the strategy!

  3. Are there other filters besides this one that I can use in combination with this software? I’m glad that this filter copies only the trades with guaranteed profits. It makes sense now.

  4. Its just awesome.I have been following each and every post in this blog and so far I have learnt a lot from it.I was struggling to improve the strategy by using the account copier filters,glad that i found this post.
    Thanks a lot admin.

  5. I followed the step mentioned above and finally i was able to improve on my strategy.I have been using the mt4 account copier for a long time now and was stuck,i was unable to find a way on how to improve my strategy and make some more profit,until i found this post.
    Thanks admin for sharing this.Looking forward for more such posts in the future.

  6. Today we want to test PowerTradeCopier. We will start with testing the speed of this system, because, we think it’s the most important criteria for any trade copier. To do this we will test two different modes, since PowerTradeCopier has provider mode and copier mode.
    As BJF Trading Group announces, copier mode is suitable for money managers, and to test it, we will add several master and slave accounts to the Copier and leave them to work on our VPS for 24 hours.
    We will use for test a scalping system that will open orders with different take profit and stop loss on master accounts and at the end of the day we will compare transactions on master and slave accounts.
    For provider mode, we will install master part (administrational part) of Copier on our computer in Singapore, and slave part on our VPS in UK, leaving them to work for 24 hours.
    In both cases, after we compared the tests, copier’s execution time was equal to 0. And as we can see from the .log files, it all depends on execution speed of brokers, i.e. Copier doesn’t have any delays. We are very pleased with that and haven’t seen a system without delays before.
    The next thing we want to test is working for a variety of brokers, because different brokers have different servers, different quotes (4-digit, 5-digit from differ providers), and different symbols (eurusd_fx, eurusd, fx_eurusd…). Developers stated that everything will work in automated mode. We have used several slaves with different symbols and 4-digit, 5-digit quotes and received evidence of smooth work, no problems were identified.
    The interface is very straightforward, without reading any instructions we were able to add master and slave accounts and configure lot scaling. And we would like to particularize this: Copier has multiple scaling options, which are sufficient to meet any trader’s needs. You can size your lot basing on account balance and tracking balance, coefficient, equity or marge. All functions are stable, we have tested them, opened several transactions with different transformation ratios and were satisfied with the results.
    Following test is about filters. It’s important to us to use magic-number filter, because we want to copy from master account with several systems and with different risk. So we forbid deals from one magic-number and as we can see that deal failed to copy. It’s the evidence that magic-number filter works without problems. We won’t test comments filter, but will take a closer look on price difference filter. What we liked about it, is that if master-broker is faster than slave-broker, we can specify a range when the deal will be copied with a small drawdown and thus earn a few extra pips in the system. You should carefully adjust this filter for each individual system settings, but after several transactions you will be able to get more profit in the system.
    In our opinion, PowerTradeCopier is the best copier system we have tested. As for the flaws, there is a scroll window in installation, perhaps, it should be removed. Also it would be reasonable to add synchronization in minutes (you can copy transactions opened before Copier was launched), because it isn’t convenient to synchronize in hours when you have a large number of opened transactions. There were some problems when running PowerTradeCopier on Windows 7, you must run this software as administrator or User Account Control will block it, but it’s a common problem that can be prevented by putting the information on the site.
    Thank you and thanks to the BJF Trading Group for a good product.

  7. PowerTradeCopier is one of the best account copier i have ever seen.Using it since 2012 and till date it has been superb.I am sure there are so many filters which i havnt explored yet and will be very exciting to find out and make it even more profitable.

  8. Thanks to BJF for providing such a wonderful product.PowerTradeCopier have been one of my favorite account copier for last 1 year.I have adopted the above said filters and the results have been very good.Will love to have more such strategies being shared on time to time basis.

  9. I am new to scalping strategy and have been looking for such tips to improve on it.I am yet to find a reliable MT4 account copier but after reading the above comments it seems I have found my answer.The filters looks good and will be very exciting to try the new filters as well.

  10. There are so many filters to try out and more i learn more it seems that there will few more.Thanks for sharing such tips and i hope in future as well we will get to know more about the account copier filter to improve on the trading.

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